Wow, thank you so very much for the PetRescue. This is such a relief, Rick. We had a fire drill recently. My husband is in a wheelchair with brain injuries. We couldn’t get the cat to stop breaking through the cat carrier. We were the last ones to exit our apartment out of nearly 300 units. You could be saving OUR lives as well as the life of our cat. Thank you so very much for being a FireFighter and also for inventing these Baby Rescue and Pet Rescue Devices! And thanks for answering all my questions. God bless you and your business.

— SC

“I am a young mom. I have no idea how I would get my baby out of a house fire without this product. My daughter is 5 months old and our bedrooms are on a 2nd story. This is a good quality product. Yes, its expensive, I’m lower middle class (my husband is enlisted in the military and I’m a stay at home mom), but I found this to be a very worthwhile product to buy! I also bought fire extinguishers and 2nd story ladders.”

— Sara

“This is perfect for my 45lb Australian Shepherd to fit in with room to spare. Maybe a 70 lb lab would be a tight fit. But it has a 50 ft rope and drawstring on top to ensure the dog or baby will not escape in air. This is perfect for our 3 story townhouse where the master bedroom is located. Training went well with the dog to get in, but she loves her crate. I recommended it to my sister to use in their 3rd floor apartment for her baby, my GODson.”

— Chi

“I live in a three story townhouse with three small children who are too young to climb down the safety ladder that I purchased. This product is well constructed, and although I hope and pray that I never have to use it- I have faith in it if I would have to.”

— Connie

“So glad to have found this! Excellent quality!! Gives me a little piece of mind knowing I have an escape plan for my baby.

Hope I never have to use it!”

— Medicine Girl

The Pet Rescue Rapid Evacuation Device came yesterday and we are keeping it as is, unopened. It is really well made and high quality — we can tell from the outer bag!  We have already put it under the window we’re most likely to use in a fire. We are so grateful to you. And we may still buy a Baby Rescue Device as well.

Thank you again, and we will recommend you and your products
to everyone!


“I can’t believe that any parent that has the financial means to purchase this, does not have one in their home, apartment, condo or co-op. This should be more essential than a stroller, diaper bag or anything else we buy for our babies or toddlers.
I have a BabyRescue device sitting in the closet next to our babies’ cribs, and though we hope that we never have the need to use it, it gives us peace of mind that it is available; the options without it are horrific.
At a price that we felt was reasonable, I would recommend this great product for every new parent that has a baby toddler or loved one above the first floor.
We pack ours for travel at hotels, and also purchase these as baby gifts, as they are affordable and receive great receptions at the baby showers.”

— A Daddy of 3 baby boys

We purchased a Baby Rescue after we moved into a second story apartment. Fortunately, we’ve never had to use it, but my toddler found it one day and unraveled the entire thing. I emailed the company, sent it over, and Rick repackaged it properly for me, no charge. I hope we never have to use it, but I’m glad we have it in working order again! Thanks, Rick! 

– jsupp